Extra Help

Understanding how to Save on Premiums and Prescriptions

What is Extra Help?

Anyone who has Medicare can get Medicare prescription drug coverage.

The Extra Help benefit from the Social Security Administration can add up $5000 a year to your budget if you qualify for the assistance with your drug costs.

To qualify annual income must be below $19,320 for an individual and $26,130 for a married couple living together. In some instances, for example supporting other family members, have earnings from work or live in Alaska and Hawaii, income can be higher.

If you qualify for Extra Help you will not have to pay the penalty for late enrollment in the Medicare prescription drug plan.

Remember, this is assistance to pay for a Medicare Prescription Plan, you will still need to choose a plan that is appropriate for you!

Medicare Savings Program/Medicaid

Overwhelmed by Premium Costs? There are 4 Medicare Savings Programs that can help ease that burden.

  1. Do you have or are you eligible for Part A?
  2. Is your income for 2021 at or below the limits for any of the programs below?
  3. Do you have resources below the limits listed below?

If the answer to all three is yes, you can contact the state Medicaid Program. This is in addition to Extra Help from Social Security.

Resources DO NOT include the family home, a burial plot, one car, $1500 set aside for burial expenses, furniture, other household and personal items.

Tribal Sponsorships

Some Tribes may sponsor all or part of your Premiums for Part B or Part D. They may also sponsor penalties for late enrollment of part B.

Tribes will benefit from helping you enroll in the programs because Medicare will reimburse the IHS for services that are covered. There is still no cost to you, but the tribe will receive income they would not otherwise get-and that is more income than the cost of premiums. It’s a win for everyone.

This helps both you and the tribe by:

  • Increasing revenues
  • Saving funds in the PRC budget for others who need them
  • Expanded access for tribal members-you can access services without the constraints of PRC priority restrictions.
  • More access equals better health for your tribe.

Extra Helpful Links

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