As an Elder, your health and well-being is precious to you, your Family and your tribe.  Discover the many Medicare benefits available to you.  Find out if you qualify for assistance with premiums and prescriptions.

Our mission is to make sure that you understand all the services and benefits you are eligible for and keep you aware of any changes that may impact your Medicare Plan.

We will show you how to coordinate Medicare, Medicaid and IHS services for:

  • Quicker access to care
  • Access to more providers
  • Reimbursement to your IHS clinic
  • Leave more money in PRC for other members to use
  • Services that may not be including in IHS benefits
  • Services that are designed specifically for Elder care
  • Services that may allow you to stay in your home should you become unable to care for yourself

We are excited to help you learn more about Medicare Benefits so that you can pick the plan that works best for you!